Curaleaf Blue Parrot Marketing Client

The Problem

Create and launch a unique, vertically-integrated medical cannabis brand in a fast-evolving industry. The brand spans many states, each with unique laws and regulations and is vertically integrated across product, processing and retail but to varying degrees within each state.

The solution

Because patients have a varying degree of knowledge around medical cannabis, and spanned great age ranges and medical conditions, we created a friendly, approachable and supportive brand identity based on dependability, education and compassion. From there, we built and executed a flexible strategy that created national brand equity while delivering on each states’ businesses unique requirements and patient’s needs.

The result

The brand strategy, packaging, product, website, social and digital programs, dispensary merchandising and collateral we created all resulted in Curaleaf becoming a leading brand in the medical cannabis industry, available in seven states and growing.
“Blue Parrot, as a group of seasoned Marketing experts and Project Managers, understands the importance of working smart, but fast, especially in an industry that is consistently changing.”
Gretchen McCarthy, VP of Dispensary Operations

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